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Hansaperu Travel

Lufthansa City Center Business Travel

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Calle Hipólito Unanue 225, Oficina 603,

Terms and conditions of use


Hansaperu Travel, through a web page located at (hereinafter, the "site"), only offers information content on national and international flights services and hosting of third companies with the purpose that You can access information about the different options in the market. To this end, Hansaperu Travel makes its best effort to provide you with information on various national and international providers that provide lodging, land and air transportation, car rental, assistance insurance, among others.
Hansaperu Travel also establishes legally binding terms for the treatment of the information of persons who have been correctly registered on the site (hereinafter the "user"); As well as the conditions governing the marketing of national and international travel packages offered by its strategic partners.



The user may have access to the information or services of third parties ('third party materials') through the Hansaperu Travel site. The user confirms that Hansaperu Travel is not responsible for the availability or accuracy of said third party materials because there is no Hansaperu Travel affiliation with third parties.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, Hansaperu Travel reserves the right to block or dispose of third party materials at any time and in its sole discretion.


Through the site, Hansaperu Travel makes available to the user information related to the characteristics of the national and international travel packages. These packages can be made up of lodging services, land and / or air transportation, car rental, assistance insurance, among other services provided by its strategic partners.


Hansaperu Travel expressly states that it performs an intermediary business by participating in the booking or contracting of the various tourist services provided by its strategic partners. For this reason, Hansaperu Travel is not responsible for changes in schedules, postponements and / or cancellations or any other changes made to the conditions governing services contracted to third-party suppliers
For its part, Hansaperu Travel will only be responsible for the faults committed in the context of the execution of its obligations, as an intermediary. However, Hansaperu Travel is not responsible for unforeseeable events or force majeure that cause the non-performance of the contracted service, nor will it be liable to users for indirect damages.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, Hansaperu Travel will make its best efforts to provide you with recommendations on the services of third parties without incurring liability for the materials of third parties.


Hansaperu Travel will charge the user of the site for the availability of the information.
With regard to prices for weave materials, it is important to indicate that these are estimates and are subject to availability and modifications of third party service providers according to the time of the consultation. The prices will be fixed from the moment of the definitive confirmation of the services, which is produced with the issuance of the service orders at the moment of making the payment.
The payment of the balance of the price must be fulfilled in the term and conditions that the parties agree (the user of the site and the providers of tourist services), otherwise Hansaperu Travel may cancel the services with prior notice to the passenger, not having the passenger Right to reimbursement.
By accepting these terms and conditions, you agree that Hansaperu Travel only charges for the services it is responsible for and provides. That is, brokerage services offering you information about third-party materials. Likewise, it accepts that the third providers of tourist services can charge fees, commissions or taxes either through the site or directly in their establishments. American reps will charge you for intermediation services by managing the reservation on account and order of the user in relation to lodging, ground transportation and / or air transportation services, car rental, assistance insurance, among other services provided by third parties. However, certain tourist services, such as accommodation, will be paid directly with the provider, and this may apply another surcharge according to tax provisions or internal commercial policies. Hansaperu Travel makes every effort to provide you with information about third-party materials.
The passenger is responsible for being previously informed about the terms, conditions, limitations and restrictions of purchase of your credit / debit card; And, if you do not know them, you should contact your bank. Hansaperu Travel is not responsible for any inconvenience that users might have with their respective banking entities, nor for the difference in the exchange rate established by the bank itself, among others.
The user authorizes Hansaperu Travel to debit his card from the values ​​indicated in the products and / or services made available to him. In the event that such values ​​can not be debited from the credit card, the customer agrees to authorize the debit to another credit card of his property.
You hereby declare that I have been duly and previously informed in respect of the services contracted, as well as the terms and conditions associated with the provision thereof. I also fully accept the contents of this document.


In case of withdrawal by the user, cancellations will be subject to the contractual conditions under which the strategic partners render their services. Cancellations may apply penalties according to the commercial policies of third party tourism providers. In addition, cancellations of reservations that have been managed by Hansaperu Travel in their name will not give you the right to any money back, unless some condition to the contrary is agreed between the parties expressly.


The conditions governing the acquisition of national and international travel packages have been determined by the third party providers of tourist services. In case of any inconvenience presented, the user must notify the third party. Although Hansaperu Travel has no control over such conditions, it will offer the user all his support to transmit the claim to the corresponding company. Hansaperu Travel is responsible for making every effort to provide you with information about the materials of third parties as a result of which these services are limited the responsibility of Hansaperu Travel.


By accepting the terms and conditions described here you accept Hansaperu Travel's privacy policy.
The user can trust that Hansaperu Travel has taken all technical, legal and organizational measures necessary to guarantee the security and confidentiality of his personal data; As well as to prevent any tampering, accidental loss, destruction or unauthorized access of third parties.
The personal data that the user freely provides through the Hansaperu Travel site will be treated to provide you with information about package tours, to manage your reservation, to communicate promotions or campaigns, special services, etc.
Hansaperu Travel will never share your personal information with third parties for a purpose other than the one you have consented to. Hansaperu Travel may share your personal information with other companies that are part of the business group for the purposes that you have consented to. American reps may also share your personal data with third parties which may be located inside and outside the national territory, but only under strictly limited circumstances that you accept. These third parties may be third party providers of tourist services. Your authorization is for an indefinite period.
Without your consent, your reservation will not be possible.

The user can exercise his rights as a holder of personal data (access, rectification, cancellation, opposition, information or revocation). For this purpose, you can send a free communication to Av. Jorge Basadre 1330, San Isidro, Lima- Peru.

Due to the continuous improvement of our processes, Hansaperu Travel may make modifications and corrections to this privacy policy. Please check these terms regularly for any changes that may have existed and how they may affect you.