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Hansaperu Travel

Lufthansa City Center Business Travel

Telephone: +51 1 / 7480770
+51 1 / 4405644

Calle Hipólito Unanue 225, Oficina 603,

Business Services 

Extensive business travel service

EFFICIENCY IN TRAVEL EXPENDITURE and TOURISTIC SERVICES using our latest technology platform.
We are the only ones to have a platform of advanced technological development and a concentrating expense account, which translates into the EFFECTIVE SAVINGS for your company.
Through our corporate online booking platform, you can seamlessly manage your corporate travel, manage your travel policies, check availability of airline flights, hotels, car rentals and trains worldwide, apply all corporate benefits to your major Providers and select the best rates in real time.

We offer you:

  • Management and control tools, supervised by our parent company in Germany.
  • Concentration expense account for payments through local banks.
  • Credit of 30 days for your payments, without interest and without maintenance costs.
  • Broadly trained and professional staff.
  • Attention in emergency schedules 24 hours a day.


Additionally, we offer you the best payment tool for your corporate trips, with wide security, flexibility in payments and coverage against any type of loss:

  • Concentrator expense account: You can purchase air tickets, hotel reservations, car rentals, among other tourist services, in a single account.
  • Security: For exclusive use in your authorized travel agency, and only for tourist services.
  • Payment term: Up to 45 calendar days, depending on the cut date you choose.
  • Expense visibility: Online tool to view statements, consolidated reports, among others.
  • Life insurance and traveler's insurance: Coverage in the event of death or accidents (Attendance card)
  • Data integration with SAP Management System: Special data consolidation and integration with SAP Management System



We immediately prepare travel offers for you and the people who accompany you on your business trips.


Service and Security

We are at your service during the trip. You can rely on our 600 Lufthansa City Center offices in 80 countries around the world, always at your service. Also:

  • We have highly qualified and experienced staff
  • Possibility to book online all day
  • Quality assurance software
  • Data of your trips online
  • Operations and service
  • Customer service in emergencies 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.


We keep your costs low

Thanks to many special conditions, we treat carefully the budget of your trip, we have negotiated rates worldwide and this is how we can offer you:

  • Special conditions for flights, hotels and car rental.
  • Online access to your travel details.
  • Tickets to concerts, special events
  • City tours that can be up to half a day in case you do not have enough time.
  • Cruises with routes across all continents.